the 80's

  1. Kevin

    Why GenX is so sarcastic! 😂

    Just about everybody I know who grew up in the 80's has a bit of sarcasm to them and it's no wonder why, these are the types of movies we grew up watching! 😂✈️
  2. Kevin

    Christmas Cards in the 80's 🎄

    Hah! Watching this video brought back so many memories of playing with Print Shop and thinking it was one of the coolest things at the time. In High School a friend & I actually did our own little version of the school newspaper using it, actually ended up with a few fans. I was curious...
  3. WLT80s

    Rewind back to the 1980's! [We Love the Eighties!]

    Welcome to WLT80s! WLT80s is a community for fans of the most amazing decade, the 1980s! The movies, the music, the TV shows, the clothes, the styles, the technology, all of it came together to result in an amazing period. Whether you were an "80's kid" or just a fan of the period...
  4. Max

    We Love the 80's! ♥

    The 1980's were, and always will be, the most bodacious decade ever! It was a gnarly combination of music, movies, TV, fashion, decadence, technology, and attitude. It was a decade that was totally unique and likely won't be repeated ever again.