Christmas Cards in the 80's 🎄


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Hah! Watching this video brought back so many memories of playing with Print Shop and thinking it was one of the coolest things at the time. In High School a friend & I actually did our own little version of the school newspaper using it, actually ended up with a few fans.

I was curious and had to check.... Printshop by Broderbund still exists! 😄 I wonder if they have a 'faux dot matrix' look print option? :D
Print Shop was indeed awesome... I used it all the time, but I had to use it at my neighbors house because my Commodore MPS802 printer couldn't print graphics. So I used my neighbors printer which was a Panasonic with a IEEE interface or whatever it was called that worked perfectly. The banners, the cards, the fake newspapers.. So much fun!

The Commodore 64 was my first computer, from there I moved to the Commodore 128 then Amiga, then went PC!