Genre: Comedy

Director: Trix Worrell

Cast: Carmen Munroe,Norman Beaton,Dominic Keating,Robbie Gee,Ram John Holder,Geff Francis,Justin Pickett,Lisa Geoghan,Gyearbuor Asante,Alphonsia Emmanuel,Mona Hammond,Sol Raye,Treva Etienne,Dean Gatiss,Matilda Thorpe,Kim Walker

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Desmond's was a British television situation comedy broadcast by Channel 4 from 1989 to 1994. With 71 episodes, Desmond's became Channel 4's longest-running sitcom. The first series was shot in 1988, with the first episode broadcast in January 1989. The show was made in and set in Peckham, London, England and featured a predominantly Black British Guyanese cast. Conceived and co-written by Trix Worrell, and produced by Charlie Hanson and Humphrey Barclay, this series starred Norman Beaton as barber Desmond Ambrose. Desmond's shop was a gathering place for an assortment of local characters.

Cast Crew

    • Carmen Munroe

      Shirley Ambrose
    • Norman Beaton

      Desmond Ambrose
    • Dominic Keating

    • Robbie Gee

      Lee Stanley
    • Ram John Holder

      Augustus 'Porkpie' Grant
    • Geff Francis

      Michael Ambrose
    • Justin Pickett

      Sean Ambrose
    • Lisa Geoghan

      Louise Dixon
    • Gyearbuor Asante

    • Alphonsia Emmanuel

    • Mona Hammond

    • Sol Raye

    • Treva Etienne

    • Dean Gatiss

      Ricky Flaxman
    • Matilda Thorpe

      Mandy Mosgrove
    • Kim Walker

      Gloria Ambrose
    • Charlie Hanson (Production)

    • Humphrey Barclay (Production)

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