Star Wars: Ewoks

Genre: Kids,Animation,Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Action & Adventure

Director: George Lucas,Dale Schott,Raymond Jafelice,Paul Dini

Cast: Alyson Court,Jim Henshaw,Don Francks,Esther Scott,Cree Summer,Dan Hennessey,George Buza,John Stocker,Michael Fantini,Sue Murphy,Taborah Johnson,Leanne Coppen,Anthony Parr,Greg Swanson,Richard Donat,Nonnie Griffin,Jeanne Reynolds,Tabitha St. Germain,Paul Chato,Pam Hyatt,Eric Peterson,Rick Cimino,James Cranna,Doug Chamberlain,Melleny Melody,Jackie Burroughs

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: The Ewok Wicket and his friends from the Bright Tree Village go on many magical adventures.

Cast Crew

    • Alyson Court

      Malani (voice)
    • Jim Henshaw

      Wicket (voice)
    • Don Francks

      Umwak (voice)
    • Esther Scott

      Shodu (voice)
    • Cree Summer

      Princess Kneesaa (voice)
    • Dan Hennessey

      King Gorneesh (voice)
    • George Buza

      Chief Chirpa (voice)
    • John Stocker

      Widdle "Willy" Warrick (voice)
    • Michael Fantini

      Wiley (voice)
    • Sue Murphy

      Latara (voice)
    • Taborah Johnson

      Latara (voice)
    • Leanne Coppen

      Nippet (voice)
    • Anthony Parr

      Erpham (voice)
    • Greg Swanson

      Weechee (voice)
    • Richard Donat

      Deej (voice)
    • Nonnie Griffin

      Shodu (voice)
    • Jeanne Reynolds

      Princess Neesaa (voice)
    • Tabitha St. Germain

      Asha (voice)
    • Paul Chato

      Paploo (voice)
    • Pam Hyatt

      Bozzie (voice)
    • Eric Peterson

      Teebo (voice)
    • Rick Cimino

      Chief Chirpa (voice)
    • James Cranna

      Teebo (voice)
    • Doug Chamberlain

      Master Logray (voice)
    • Melleny Melody

      Queen Urga (voice)
    • Jackie Burroughs

      Morag (voice)
    • George Lucas (Production)

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