1. Slipstream (1989)

    Title: Slipstream Tagline: From the depths of the earth. To the edge of existence... The hunt is on! Genre: Science Fiction,Adventure Director: Steven Lisberger Cast: Mark Hamill,Kitty Aldridge,Bob Peck,Bill Paxton,Eleanor David,Robbie Coltrane,Ben Kingsley,F. Murray Abraham,Trevor...
  2. Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel

    Title: Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel Genre: Animation First aired: 1989-12-02
  3. Max

    Sports Oakland-San Francisco World Series game postponed because of earthquake

    On October 17, 1989, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake rocks northern California during Game 3 of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics at Candlestick Park, forcing postponement of the matchup. The series resumes 10 days after the earthquake, which kills 67, injures...
  4. Weird Al Yankovic - Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies (1989)

    Weird Al Yankovic - Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies (1989)

    Beverly Beverly Hillbillies Huh, now lookie here people Listen to my story A little story 'bout a man named Jed You know something? That poor mountaineer They say he barely kept his family fed Now, let me tell you One day he was shootin' Old Jed was shootin' at some food When all of a sudden...
  5. The B-52's - Love Shack (1989)

    The B-52's - Love Shack (1989)

    If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says "15 miles to the Love Shack" Love Shack, yeah, yeah I'm headin' down the Atlanta highway Lookin' for the love getaway Headed for the love getaway I got me a car, it's as big as a whale And we're headin' on down to the Love Shack I got me...
  6. Bonnie Raitt - Nick Of Time (live) (1989)

    Bonnie Raitt - Nick Of Time (live) (1989)

    Bonnie Raitt - Nick Of Time Recorded Live: 11/26/1989 - Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium - Oakland, CA A friend of mine, she cries at night And she calls me on the phone Sees babies everywhere she goes And she wants one of her own She's waited long enough she says And still he can't decide
  7. Hard Time on Planet Earth

    Title: Hard Time on Planet Earth Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy First aired: 1989-03-01 Creator: Jim Thomas Cast: Martin Kove, Danny Mann, Marita Geraghty, Brad Koepenick, Kent Stoddard, Barry Dennen, Catherine Paolone, Timothy Blake, Shane Ralston, Sandahl Bergman, Conchata Ferrell, Lise...
  8. Max

    Nintendo Game Boy (1989)

    The Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. The first handheld in the Game Boy family, it was first released in Japan on April 21, 1989. The console was released in North America later the same year, then in Europe in late 1990. It was designed by the...
  9. The B-52's - Roam (Official Music Video) (1989)

    The B-52's - Roam (Official Music Video) (1989)

    "Around the world, the trip begins with kiss. Roam around the world, roam if you want to." You're watching the official music video for The B-52's - "Roam" from the album 'Cosmic Thing'.
  10. Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire (Official Video) (1989)

    Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire (Official Video) (1989)

    "We didn't start the fire. It was always burning, since the world's been turning. We didn't start the fire. No, we didn't light it, but we tried to fight it."
  11. Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes (Official Music Video) (1989)

    Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes (Official Music Video) (1989)

    You're watching the official music video for Debbie Gibson - "Lost In Your Eyes" from the album 'Electric Youth'.
  12. Madonna - Like A Prayer (Official Video) (1989)

    Madonna - Like A Prayer (Official Video) (1989)

    You're watching the official music video for "Like A Prayer" from Madonna's album 'Like A Prayer' released on Sire Records in 1989.
  13. The Mighty Quinn (1989)

    Title: The Mighty Quinn Tagline: The chief of police and the chief suspect know each other too well to let a little thing like murder get in their way. Genre: Crime Director: Carl Schenkel Cast: Denzel Washington, James Fox, Mimi Rogers, M. Emmet Walsh, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Art Evans...
  14. Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989)

    Title: Leningrad Cowboys Go America Genre: Comedy, Music Director: Aki Kaurismäki Cast: Matti Pellonpää, Kari Väänänen, Sakke Järvenpää, Heikki Keskinen, Pimme Korhonen, Sakari Kuosmanen, Puka Oinonen, Silu Seppälä, Mauri Sumén, Mato Valtonen, Pekka Virtanen, Nicky Tesco, Olli Tuominen...
  15. Moontrap (1989)

    Title: Moontrap Tagline: 14,000 Years It Has Waited For Us Genre: Horror, Science Fiction Director: Robert Dyke Cast: Walter Koenig, Bruce Campbell, Robert Kurcz, Leigh Lombardi, Tom Case, Judy Levitt, Reavis Graham, Reuben Yabuku, Doug Childs, Mariafae Mytnyk Release: 1989-04-28...
  16. K-9 (1989)

    Title: K-9 Tagline: Meet the two toughest cops in town. One's just a little smarter than the other! Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime Director: Rod Daniel Cast: Jim Belushi, Mel Harris, Kevin Tighe, Ed O'Neill, James Handy, Daniel Davis, Cotter Smith, John Snyder, Pruitt Taylor Vince...
  17. Loverboy (1989)

    Title: Loverboy Tagline: Randy Bodek has no idea how to treat a woman . . . but he's working on it. Genre: Comedy, Romance Director: Joan Micklin Silver Cast: Patrick Dempsey, Kate Jackson, Barbara Carrera, Nancy Valen, Kirstie Alley, Robert Ginty, Vic Tayback, Kim Miyori, Robert...
  18. Pink Cadillac (1989)

    Title: Pink Cadillac Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance Director: Buddy Van Horn Cast: Clint Eastwood, Bernadette Peters, Timothy Carhart, Jim Carrey, Tiffany Gail Robinson, Angela Louise Robinson, John Dennis Johnston, Michael Des Barres, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Bill Moseley...
  19. Warlock (1989)

    Title: Warlock Tagline: Satan also has one son Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror Director: Steve Miner Cast: Julian Sands, Lori Singer, Richard E. Grant, Mary Woronov, Kevin O'Brien, Richard Kuss, Allan Miller, Anna Levine, David Carpenter, Kay E. Kuter, Ian Abercrombie...
  20. Turner & Hooch (1989)

    Title: Turner & Hooch Tagline: The Oddest Couple Ever Unleashed! Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Family Director: Roger Spottiswoode Cast: Tom Hanks, Mare Winningham, Craig T. Nelson, Scott Paulin, John McIntire, David Knell, Reginald VelJohnson, Mary McCusker, Linda Eve...