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In the late 80's and early 90's, the store at the mall for movie & pop culture fans was Suncoast Motion Picture Company, known mostly as just Suncoast. The stores main emphasis was on selling videos (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray) but the also sold a ton of collectibles & merchandise geared towards movie, music, and gaming fans. For a lot of folks, back then Suncoast was their only source of getting their hands on imported items like Anima and Manga. Needless to say, I spent a *lot* of time there. :D Suncoast ended up going through a few different corporate owners before they ended up closing nearly all of there stores except a handful. The only comparable chain store left these days might be FYE which is a shame. Suncoast had a different feel to them versus the bright & shiny stores that now dominate what is left at the malls. Lately I've been cleaning out my home office "Marie Kondo" style and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Much to my surprise I came across a couple of Suncoast bags! 😲 Taking a look on eBay and doing some Google searches, I was disappointed to find out that there isn't a collectors market for Suncoast stuff. 🤣 Courtesy of Wikipedia, here's a pic of what the stores used to look like in your local mall, this one being at the Monmouth Mall in NJ.
Title: Blazing Saddles Tagline: ...or never give a saga an even break! Genre: Western,Comedy Director: Mel Brooks Cast: Cleavon Little,Gene Wilder,Slim Pickens,Harvey Korman,Madeline Kahn,Mel Brooks,Burton Gilliam,Alex Karras,David Huddleston,Liam Dunn,John Hillerman,George Furth,Jack Starrett,Carol Arthur,Richard Collier,Charles McGregor,Robyn Hilton,Don Megowan,Dom DeLuise,Count Basie,John Alderson,Don Ames,Tom Anfinsen,David Armstrong,Denny Arnold,Benjie Bancroft,Herman Boden,Jimmie Booth,Nick Borgani,Alex Brown,Jerry Brown,Loren Brown,Eldon Burke,Stephen Burnette,David Cadiente,Patrick Campbell,Bart Carroll,Bill Catching,Ray Chabeau,Donald Chaffin,Dick Cherney,Jack R. Clinton,Aneta Corsaut,Dick Crockett,George Dockstader,Ross Dollarhide,Randy Doney,Alphonso DuBois,Ken DuMain,Hobert Durham Jr.,Stewart East,Daniel Elam,Kenny Endoso,Elly Enriquez,Richard Farnsworth,Fred Fisher,Bob Folkerson,Abel Franco,Ben Frommer,John Furlong,Rick Garcia,Laura Gile,Seamon Glass,Betty Jeanne Glennie,Cecil Gold,Chuck Hayward,Bud Hazlett,Francine Henderson,George Hickman,George Holmes,Kal Isaacs,Kathryn Janssen,Rosemary Johnston,Madge Journeay,M.J. Kane,Ron Kinwald,Sally Kirkland,Patrick Labyorteaux,Richard LaMarr,Tex Lambert,Jack Lilley,Craig Littler,Jay Loft-Lynn,Karl Lukas,Bert Madrid,Ralph Manza,Jimmy Martinez,Bert May,Fred McDougall,Rod McGaughy,Bill McIntosh,Clyde McLeod,Troy Melton,Ira Miller,Jessamine Milner,Richard Monahan,Boyd 'Red' Morgan,Beans Morocco,Hal Needham,Daniel Nunez,Monty O'Grady,Harvey Parry,Jack Perkins,Alan Peterson,Tom Pittman,Anthony Redondo,Booty Reed,Tony Regan,Danny 'Big Black' Rey,Robert Ridgely,Rodney Allen Rippy,Al Roberts,Arnold Roberts,Hank Robinson,Victor Romito,Clark Ross,Darrell Sandeen,Danny Sands,George Sawaya,Fred Scheiwiller,David Sharpe,June Smaney,Eddie Smith,Roy Smith,Paul Stader,Tom Steele,Tim Sullivan,Jerry Summers,Jim Taylor,George Tracy,Jerry Trent,Frankie Van,Richard Vitagliano,Al Ward,Dick Warlock,Janice Whitby,Joe Yrigoyen,Bill Zuckert Status: Released Release: Feb 6, 1974 Runtime: 93 Plot: A town—where everyone seems to be named Johnson—stands in the way of the railroad. In order to grab their land, robber baron Hedley Lamarr sends his henchmen to make life in the town unbearable. After the sheriff is killed, the town demands a new sheriff from the Governor, so Hedley convinces him to send the town the first black sheriff in the west.
Title: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Tagline: It's Scrumdidilyumptious! Genre: Family,Fantasy,Comedy Director: Mel Stuart Cast: Peter Ostrum,Gene Wilder,Jack Albertson,Nora Denney,Roy Kinnear,Julie Dawn Cole,Paris Themmen,Denise Nickerson,Leonard Stone,Diana Sowle,Ursula Reit,Michael Bollner,Aubrey Woods,David Battley,Günter Meisner,Peter Capell,Werner Heyking,Peter Stewart,Tim Brooke-Taylor,Marcus Powell,Rusty Goffe,Malcolm Dixon,Michael Goodliffe,Kurt Großkurth,Pat Coombs,Franziska Liebing,Dora Altmann,Ernst Ziegler,Frank Delfino,Rudy Borgstaller,George Claydon,Ismed Hassan,Norman McGlen,Angelo Muscat,Stephen Dunne,Victor Beaumont,Walker Edmiston,Michael Gahr,Shin Hamano,Jack Latham,Gloria Manon,Ed Peck,Pepi Poupee,Bob Roe,Madeline Stuart,Albert Wilkinson Status: Released Release: Jun 28, 1971 Runtime: 99 Plot: When eccentric candy man Willy Wonka promises a lifetime supply of sweets and a tour of his chocolate factory to five lucky kids, penniless Charlie Bucket seeks the golden ticket that will make him a winner.
What was your first computer? 🤔 I started with typing programs on a Commodore 64 and saving them to a cassette player and using a small black-and-white TV as a monitor. The 80's & 90's were a time of rapid change in the world of computers so my brother & I were fortunate to have been able to go through Commodore, Apple, Amiga, Mac, and PCs. The amount of knowledge from those early days carried with us as we both had careers in IT. So what was your first? 😉 What is your current?
Title: Back to the Future Part III Tagline: They've saved the best trip for last... But this time they may have gone too far. Genre: Adventure,Comedy,Science Fiction Director: Robert Zemeckis Cast: Michael J. Fox,Christopher Lloyd,Mary Steenburgen,Thomas F. Wilson,Lea Thompson,Elisabeth Shue,Matt Clark,Richard Dysart,Pat Buttram,Harry Carey, Jr.,Dub Taylor,James Tolkan,Marc McClure,Wendie Jo Sperber,Jeffrey Weissman,Christopher Wynne,Sean Sullivan,Mike Watson,Hugh Gillin,Burton Gilliam,Bill McKinney,Donovan Scott,Flea,J.J. Cohen,Ricky Dean Logan,Marvin J. McIntyre,Kaleb Henley,Todd Cameron Brown,Dannel Evans,Leslie A. Prickett,Dean Cundey,Jo B. Cummings,Steve McArthur,John Ickes,James A. Rammel,Michael Klastorin,Michael Mills,Kenny Myers,Brad McPeters,Phinnaes D.,Rod Kuehne,Leno Fletcher,Joey Newington,Larry Ingold,Tim Konrad,Glenn Fox Status: Released Release: May 24, 1990 Runtime: 119 Plot: The final installment of the Back to the Future trilogy finds Marty digging the trusty DeLorean out of a mineshaft and looking for Doc in the Wild West of 1885. But when their time machine breaks down, the travelers are stranded in a land of spurs. More problems arise when Doc falls for pretty schoolteacher Clara Clayton, and Marty tangles with Buford Tannen.
"The only way to find what I left behind, I got to double back again, double back again!" Some may have noticed a slight name! :D Yep, after a few years as "WLT80s", short for "We Love The Eighties!", we're doing a slight rebrand to, short for "Double Back". We'll still be talking about everything we love about the 80's but branching out into tech like computers from those times as well - Retro Pop & Vintage Tech. Besides the name rebranding we'll be working on getting the site's theme tweaked and finishing the To Do list. If you spot anything weird, please let us know so it can get fixed. The logo is temporary while we work on getting a proper one made. As for the name? It's from Back to the Future of course! To be specific, Back to the Future III from 1990. ZZ Top's song "Doubleback" was played over the closing credits. The original version of the song doesn't actually appear in the movie but the guys do have a cameo in the movie where they are seen playing a country music version of the song along that is only an instrumental, no lyrics. The instrumental version appears on the soundtrack album. Even so, the music video (remember those? :LOL:) had clips from the movie and was included on the DVD release of the movie. I got shot through a space not long ago I thought I knew the place so well It wasn't the same, now it goes to show Sometimes you never can tell I'm looking high and low, don't know where to go I got to double back, my friend The only way to find what I left behind I got to double back again, double back again You know I'm moving on in this fine machine Rolling on through the night Seeing things like I've never seen And it's taking me outta sight Looking high and low, don't know where to go I got to double back, my friend The only way to find what I left behind I got to double back again, double back again It's got me up and down, I've been lost and found Down in a deep, dark hole Looks like my luck has changed, I've been rearranged And I'm coming out on a roll Looking high and low, don't know where to go I got to double back, my friend The only way to find what I left behind I got to double back again, double back again Double back again Double back again Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Frank Lee Beard / Joe Michael Hill / Billy F. Gibbons Doubleback lyrics © Usi B Music Publishing, Music Of Stage Three
If you'd like a flashback to McDonald's of the 80's & 90's, check this article on DrivePedia. Looking back, it's surprising how many little things have changed but when thinking about it, all of those little things help explain why a trip to McDonald's today feel so sterile versus a trip back then. The huge amount of styrofoam containers were indeed bad for the environment but I'll go with the unpopular opinion that the McD's breakfasts tasted better in them versus the plastic containers now used. :P
Title: A Fine Mess Tagline: A Hilarious New Comedy Genre: Comedy Director: Blake Edwards Cast: Ted Danson,Howie Mandel,Richard Mulligan,Stuart Margolin,María Conchita Alonso,Jennifer Edwards,Paul Sorvino,Rick Ducommun,Keye Luke,Ed Herlihy,Walter Charles,Tawny Moyer,Emma Walton Hamilton,Carrie Leigh,Sharan Lea,Rick Overton,John Short,Teddy Wilson,Valerie Wildman,Larry Storch,Vic Polizos,James Cromwell,Dennis Franz,Brooke Alderson,Craig Richard Nelson Status: Released Release: Aug 7, 1986 Runtime: 90 Plot: Two friends an actor and a chef discover a plot to fix a horse race and try to capitalize on it. But also have to deal with the two men who fixed it who are trying to silence them. And there's also the mob boss whom the two guys work for who planned the fixing thing whose wife is having an affair with the actor.
Title: Fantasy Island Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Drama Creator: Gene Levitt Cast: Ricardo Montalban,Christopher Hewett First aired: Jan 27, 1978 Last air date: May 18, 1984 Overview: A magical island hosted by Mr Roarke and Tattoo where weekly guests learn valuable life lessons in their pursuit of fulfilling their dreams. Not all dreams are fulfilled as expected.