Just the Ten of Us

Genre: Comedy

Director: Steve Marshall

Cast: Bill Kirchenbauer,Deborah Harmon,Heather Langenkamp,Jamie Luner,Brooke Theiss,JoAnn Willette,Matt Shakman,Heidi Zeigler

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Just the Ten of Us is an American sitcom starring stand-up comedian Bill Kirchenbauer as Coach Graham Lubbock, a teacher and the head of a large Catholic family with eight children living in Eureka, California. The series is a spin-off of Growing Pains, in which Kirchenbauer portrayed the same character on a recurring basis. As the series progressed, Coach Lubbock's four eldest daughters, the teenagers Marie, Cindy, Wendy, and Connie, became the primary focus of the show. Just the Ten of Us aired on ABC starting with a trial run on April 26, 1988 and ending on May 17, 1990. After the first four episodes in an abbreviated first season were aired, the show was renewed for two more seasons, eventually ending after 47 episodes on May 4, 1990. The show was most notably a part of what would become that network's TGIF programming block.

Trailer Cast Videos

    • Bill Kirchenbauer

      Coach Graham T. Lubbock
    • Deborah Harmon

      Elizabeth Lubbock
    • Heather Langenkamp

      Marie Lubbock
    • Jamie Luner

      Cynthia "Cindy" Lubbock
    • Brooke Theiss

      Wendy Lubbock
    • JoAnn Willette

      Constance Sarah "Connie" Lubbock
    • Matt Shakman

      Graham "J.R." Lubbock, Jr.
    • Heidi Zeigler

      Sherry Lubbock
    • I'm Doin' It The Best I Can ("Just the Ten of Us")

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