Foodies Vintage McDonald's of the 80's & 90's


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If you'd like a flashback to McDonald's of the 80's & 90's, check this article on DrivePedia. Looking back, it's surprising how many little things have changed but when thinking about it, all of those little things help explain why a trip to McDonald's today feel so sterile versus a trip back then.

The huge amount of styrofoam containers were indeed bad for the environment but I'll go with the unpopular opinion that the McD's breakfasts tasted better in them versus the plastic containers now used. :p
I can still hear the theme song! :LOL:

This reminds me of this meme. ;)

I used to love going as a kid...
All of the "Mickey D's" near me have now been torn down and replaced with the 'grey box' design. Some of them are downright depressing with them being square boxes with dark grey trim. Now in a mostly post-COVID lockdown environment it gets even more depressing because most of them have been redesigned with the focus on the drive-thru with the insides of them being sterile bland environments with no decorations.

Going to the local car dealer for service and waiting in their customer area is actually more lively than going inside McDonald's. I can't imagine any kid these days actually bugging their parents to take them. :(
Younger generations will never know what it was like back then and why kids asked to go to McDonald's.